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Model Lily Cole Gets Rejected from a Club of the Day

Lily Cole is one of those models who gets a ton of fucking work and thinks she’s all fucking that because she spent her entire youth as the tall awkward lookin’ bitch growing up, because she is tall and awkward, but some gaylord in a fashion company decided she had what he needed because she looked fucking strange and it worked with his concept, and all the fucking drones followed his lead giving her more and more work, making her more and more money, and feeding this ego that makes her think she’s not that awkward girl in her school, cuz someone who doesn’t fuck women gave her the stamp of approval and she gets paid for the fuckin’ shit.

So when I see her try to get into a club by the backdoor, because she thinks people care and know who she is, since she’s a model who shouldn’t be a model but who let being a model get to her head and make-up for all the teasing she grew up with, and she gets rejected, I have no choice but to laugh cuz it serves her right…it’s karma for being so ugly and stupidly dressed but thinking you’ve got it going on. I guess we call this a reality check…

If you don’t know who Lily Cole is – Here she is Modeling Naked.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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