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Tyra Shows Halle Berry Her Feet of the Day

I’m not sure when this went down and I didn’t watch the whole thing. I just heard Tyra talking like a white person trying to talk like a black person before shoving her feet in Halle Berry’s face and having Halle Berry spary perfume in her twat and armpits because Tyra banks is fucking disgusting, but figured at least one of you will get a boner watching this whether due to slave fetishes or big breasted bitches who are too honest about the disgusting things that go on in their bodies or even just because you’re into Halle Berry and I’m not judging cuz I don’t give a fuck.

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  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    Too bad she couldn’t show her her(Tyra’s) death certificate instead,can’t stand that bitch.

  • Bob Smith

    You know, Halle Berry’s face says it all. She’s thinking:

    “This is why I hang out with white people these days…”

  • Expletive(BMP)

    i’d slip tyra some ghb and butt fuck her for days, then shove my shit covered dick down her babbling mouth followed by chewing on her mouth till she vomits the shit, skeet and bile filled gunk into my waiting mouth, good times.