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I am – Lily Cole Naked for Paradis Magazine of the Day


So if you don’t know, Lily Cole is a 19 year old model and now you know. These are nude pictures of her for some magazine called Paradis. I am all for chicks getting naked, for whatever reason, whether it’s to take a shit or to get boys to pay attention to them because their dad never did or because they are nudists or even when it’s for art. As long as I see some pussy, even when they have orange pubic hair and flat asses. I’m happy.

The only problem I have with this naked for art and fashion bullshit is that I am not down with the double standard. I post tits on my site everyday and I’m called a porn site and get blocked in schools and offices around the world and shut down by paypal and can’t secure advertisers but when Lily Cole shows off her pussy in a magazine, they end up luring in million dollar ad deals because shit’s considered edgy or artistic because a famous model is being the slut and not some hotter but trashier chick from Florida taking a load inside her.

They call that shit porn, but for those of you who don’t know, which is probaly 95% of you losers, the first step to cumming in a chick is having her get naked. So maybe Europe is more liberal, maybe I’d do well there, but that doesn’t change that you conservative motherfucker’s who are trying to shut me down have probably already closed this post so that your bosses don’t see you lookin’ at vagina when you’re on the clock. I guess it’s all about context, but I’ll still keep on keepin on, because I have nothing better to do.


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