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Lily Cole Was Ugly and Now She’s Fat of the Day

Lily Cole went from supermodel to super fat. Not that she was worth jerking off to to begin with, I mean unless if you like orange pubic haired obscure lookin’ models that give the weird lookin tall girl in high school’s around the world hope of one day being models because the fashion industry is run by gays and they don’t know what real men want but focus on what the clothes need and the whole thing is fucked up.

I guess not as fucked up as her weight gain that I guess is some kind of statement that she won’t starve for the sake of work anymore, or maybe she’s trying to rebel against the only thing she has going for her, in some self-destructive bullshit that wouldd be like me quitting drinking, joining a gym and getting a fuckin’ job, not that that will ever happen, but I’m trying to give you an idea of the magnitude of what is going on in these pictures and I’m not talking about the abuse her pants are going through…

Here are the disgusting fat chicks…

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  • Bob Smith

    Is this girl famous or something?

    If you have to look somebody up on Google, I don’t think they’re famous.

  • nunya

    She is odd looking…i don’t think i could get it up even if i paper bagged the bitch

  • goat

    I’d let her suck my dick…

  • Donkeh


    She’s only famous if you know anything about the fashion industry, and if the criteria for fame is whether YOU have heard of them, then the world is gonna be short a few hundred famous people.

    I dont’ think she looks all that fat – other than her face. She’s not supermodel waify anymore, and I guess I would say, congratulations to her for that. She’s healthy and probably happier.

  • Bob Smith

    “and if the criteria for fame is whether YOU have heard of them, then the world is gonna be short a few hundred famous people.”


    I’m telling you nobody has heard of this girl. It’s like a baseball fan claiming that Melky Cabrera is famous because he plays for the Yankees, or that Ray Ozzie is famous because he’s the chief software architect of the Yankees.

    If “famous” means that their name has appeared in the newspaper, then I’ll admit I’m wrong. If “famous” means that 60 out of 100 people in a large city walking down the street can’t tell you who she is, she’s not famous.

  • Bob Smith

    er, I mean chief software architect of Microsoft.

  • Lars Johnsson

    Hell, I’d do her in a heartbeat! And likely so would the rest of you geeks. 😉

  • My Johnson

    I met her once and you cannot look into her face as her eyes are very far apart. She walked away from me and farted. It smelled like vinegar.