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Lily Cole Was Ugly and Now She’s Fat of the Day

Lily Cole went from supermodel to super fat. Not that she was worth jerking off to to begin with, I mean unless if you like orange pubic haired obscure lookin’ models that give the weird lookin tall girl in high school’s around the world hope of one day being models because the fashion industry is run by gays and they don’t know what real men want but focus on what the clothes need and the whole thing is fucked up.

I guess not as fucked up as her weight gain that I guess is some kind of statement that she won’t starve for the sake of work anymore, or maybe she’s trying to rebel against the only thing she has going for her, in some self-destructive bullshit that wouldd be like me quitting drinking, joining a gym and getting a fuckin’ job, not that that will ever happen, but I’m trying to give you an idea of the magnitude of what is going on in these pictures and I’m not talking about the abuse her pants are going through…

Here are the disgusting fat chicks…

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