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Magdalena Frackowiak is Decent Looking of the Day

This is a model named Magdalena Frackowiak who I am guessing is from Russia or some other communist country that is no longer communist but that I pretend is still communist for the sake of comedy…because rationed toilet paper, breadlines, and a love for contraband levis jeans appeals to me and makes me laugh…but not as hard as hot bitches who need to marry fat, lonely Americans to escape their hell, I mean unless they try to other strategy, climbing through Siberian mountains in the snow, hoping to live…..but I guess all that is irrelevant…cuz Magdalena Frackowiak may not even be Russian at all, I am just too lazy to google her, and more into pointing out that she’s pretty decent looking….it’s new years eve, I’m drinking, why are you on a computer….freak.

That said, I think this is for H&M or some shit….

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