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J.Woww’s Dumpy New Years Eve Ass Falsh of the Day


There comes a time in every hooker’s life…where her fake tits can’t compensate for her dumpy fucking ass…you know when the drinking catches up to her low level, gutter, white trash self and her metabolism slows the fuck down as she starts eating, when she’s no longer the 20 year old bartender doing body shots, but the pushing 30 year old italian pig satan sent us…..and for J.Woww…that time is now….and it is only down fucking hill from here….you know just when you thought bitch was the worst fucking thing possible…you realize…that cellulite makes her that much worse….

I was never a fan…but I know you idiots get excited over implants and a girl who looks like she would be the first do a thai ping pong ball show at the guido frat party just as soon as it was deemed cool….cuz that’s how these party sluts work….

I guess the nice thing about this is that not only is her career fading…but so her fucking body……

Seriously…they say this is her ass…but I think it’s some horrible sea creature coming to eat humanity….it’s scary as fuck…on a short set of thunder thighs….the worst…


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  • ibyte69

    That’s horrible, my god

  • Rosarch


  • cherry

    Why? Oh dear God, why?

  • B

    It’s the lining of her dress. Check out her arms, too

  • Travis

    ^Yeah, nice try. It’s called cellulite & it’s disgusting just like her.

  • The waves in her ass and thighs continue to wave back at you even after she’s in a stand still…

  • Jus sayin

    You’re all fucking idiots. Jwoww’s done a video of her butt and that clearly isn’t it. Where’s her tattoo?

  • M

    Don’t care. Still sexy as fuck! Any lad who wouldn’t smash that needs to re-evaluate his life