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Eliza Dushku Wishes You a Happy New Year of the Day

That is so nice of her….now if only I could figure out who the fuck Eliza Dushku was….because I think I remember her name for the 90s….but I haven’t heard shit from her since…so it can’t be her…or maybe celebrity babes are like cockroaches…and never die…even if their sex appeal does a little bit with every birthday…but Eliza, seems to have held it together…but I do wish her comeback tour was a sex scandal…cuz I like seeing girls get fucked…call me a pervert…but I just think that’s being human….right??

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  • Greg

    American actress known for her television roles, including recurring appearances as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series Angel. She starred in two Fox series, Tru Calling and Dollhouse. She is also known for her role in films including True Lies, The New Guy, Bring It On, Wrong Turn and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, as well as her voice work on video games. Also Maxim magazine ranked Dushku 6th on the “Hot 100 Women of 2009” list. Your welcome.