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Eliza Dushku Pregnancy Erotica of the Day

Eliza Dushku Pregnanct Erotica

Remember Eliza Dushku?

She is pregnant at 100 fucking years old.

The one good thing about this site is that we’ve all got old as fuck together, which mans all you 45 year old fucks will remember Eliza Dushku for being the hot chick in all those popular teen movies before the internet created social media and we had no need to watch shit comedies that were formulaic and dumb for the tits…we could just scroll feeds and leave comments directly on the girl you want to fuck with hopes of not getting deleted…

With that advancement, Dushku’s career went to shit and ran back to Boston where she went back to school and laid out her new life….where I guess she has guys cum in her…thinking at 40 she can’t get pregnant….even though I guess you can…

I figure I should post this, since no one else gives a fuck about Dushku.


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ELiza Dushku on All Fours of the Day

Eliza Dushku is on all fours for Boston..

I don’t know if she’s actually on all fours for Boston…

But she is on all fours…and she’s one of those Boston raised girls who knows that people in Boston are fucking mental case bros who have this weird Boston pride and forever will have fans from Boston as long as she keeps reminding people she’s from Boston…You know…basic calculated shit…

I am into her on all fours, because I am a pathetic pervert and because I really liked her when she first came out as “The New Girl” or whatever it was she was in that year she got work…because despite being from Boston, she was hot…

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Eliza Dushku in a One Piece of the Day

Albanian Eliza Dushku was in Albania where she decided to get into a one piece because she may be in her 40s, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be the hot chick, just not too hot, because some old lady stomachs are better left unseen…even when statistically they are better than most old lady stomachs because they did that whole vapid hollywood thing for two decades before going back to college to have some more substance in her life..

This is about as exciting as it gets for weirdos from Boston with their weirdo Boston pride…the pussy version….not the sports version….which is what Boston Trash is usually more into.

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Eliza Dushku New Hair Cut of the Day


In very very important news…Eliza Dushku got a hair cut..

If only it was 2001…when she was the only ED we had to deal with…

That’s all I have to say about that…


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Eliza Dushku in a Bra of the Day

ed (2)

Eliza Dushku is in a bra for some campaign and her face looks like it’s been mangled or jacked up like a Kardashian, these things happen, we live in a vain and empty world that makes girls think they need new lips, noses, face resurfacing….in both surgical procedures, creams and filters to lie to all of us via social media….

Well, she may be 40….she may have dropped out of hollywood to move back to Boston to finish school, because acting is vapid and a waste of time when you’re not getting paid….or work…like Eliza Dushku….

But there was a time when she was the New Girl, the It Girl, the Girl Next Door, the Hot Girl, The amazing girl in all the teen comedy’s that dropped before Judd Appatow and Seth Rogan destroyed the genre…

There was a time when I was into celebrity pussy, I thought, that’s good celebrity pussy, I never have to meet that celebrity pussy, but I see it in movies and it keeps me watching movies, I’d otherwise turn off, cuz it’s hot to look at…

But that was before life made me hate all these overrated girls to focus on the underdog, who sometimes was missing limbs, always had STDs or a rank pussy, or something totally disgusting about her, because the underdog is less of a cunt…now…I just hate everyone…

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Eliza Dushku Naked with her Dog of the Day


Eliza Dushku was an it girl who fucked and possibly married black basketball players because she I guess, like most girls, she liked her emptiness filled…

She’s Boston’s own….and you probably don’t remember her, or maybe the only people who visit sites like this know exactly who she is, and are so weird they’ve even created their own pocket pussies based on what they assume her vagina looks like from bikini pics….you know the real fucking weirdos…

But there was a time when Eliza Dusku was all the rage thanks to a couple of shitty, shoulda been straight to DVD movies, but was a simpler time, when the public’s expectations were low, and when teen comedies were just a pile of fucking shit…..which coincidentally is happening again…that we all ate up cuz there was nothing else to fucking eat….we had no options and she was hot…

She’s moved from LA back to Boston to finish college and along with supporting Bernie Colonial Sanders, she’s taking strategic nudes for her social media and fans…because Boston doesn’t feed that LA for a decade need for attention….and that’s a good thing.

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Eliza Dushku’s Bikini of the Day

eliza (1)

Eliza Dushku is some 90s babe – who I guess got bored of trying to live the normal life back in Boston, you know doing the whole college thing at 35, in effort to say “fuck you hollywood and rich athlete boyfriends”…in a “I’m going to do this on my own, with my millions, for real though”….

In doing that going to class, maybe even joining a sorority, interacting with 20 year olds, she’s pretty much fitting right in, posting the bikini selfies…like this was Spring Break, since one thing young people know is…bikini selfies…w

But you can’t be too sure, celebrities do this shit too, as fame whoring is all part of what she’s known the last 1.5 decades….


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Eliza Dushku’s Mormon Crotch Shot of the Day of the Day


Eliza Dushku had a window of opportunity, where she cashed in on being the hot girl, in teen comedies, that at the time were pretty much some variation of American Pie…and really popular, but more importantly, she was on the very nerd friendly Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s spinoff Angel, that if you had any socially awkward friends, or if you were socially awkward, and not in the drink yourself stupid and only hang out with hookers socially awkward, but rather the socially awkward because you’re so pumped on shit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s Spinoff Angel….you probably remember her…thanks to the tattoo you got of her on your calf…weirdo…

She was a mormon, which means she’s probably sexually very wild, thanks to that oppression, so wild she dated Rick Fox (a black man)…out of wedlock…for 5 years…

I am not really sure where her career went…she’s back in Boston going to school or some shit..while maintaining her fan base, because even after they throw in the towel, they always come back….acting is too fucking easy, when you’ve got a couple million in the bank, while working 9-5 at anything just fucking scuks…

But while she pretends to be bettering herself at 34…to complete what she started, school…or possibly finding her religion since hollywood is soul raping…and people need saving after they are done with it…she’s letting her dog sniff and nook up in her pussy….which I guess is something you’d want to share to your fans too…subtle, SFW…MORMOM pussy shots..where that she’s probably on her period…if you still get those at 35…..

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Eliza Dushku and her Ass Eating Dog of the Day


Eliza Dushku posted this picture of her dog sniffing her ass…which I guess is because she’s on her period…

I know, I through she’d be too old to get her period too. It seems like it was 20 years ago that she had a 6 month career making movies as the hot chick…

I wonder what she’s up to, I mean with her promoting herself in obvious ways that scream “i want you to ask what I am up to, so I’ll put up some me with my doggy erotica weirdness”…but luckily not too weird…she clearly left the peanut butter out it this time…

All this to say…she apparently dropped out of Hollywood, moved to Boston because Hollywood is shit, and is actually in college following her dreams of doing whatever it is she put on hold to do this hollywood nonsense…before realizing that it is just that…nonsense…so good for her…and keep the dog in ass pics coming…cuz I don’t care if she’s over 35…or that she fucks black guys…she’s still Eliza Dushku to me and I’m all about letter her sit on my face….to celebrate that…l

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Eliza Dushku in a Bikini of the Day

Apparently, 100 year old Eliza Dushku, who you may remember from very important movies like “The New Guy”…and probably more relevant “Bring it On”….both happened 20 or more years ago…and were some straight to DVD caliber performances, even if the tastes of the masses were less refined when it came to comedy, and both were blockbusters…broke up with RICK FOX, the black man she had inside her because bitches love black cock….even when they are half white and Canadian, just as long as they are ex players for the Lakers…it makes them socially acceptable yet still black enough…to fill fetishes…

Anyway, to announce her freedom, like a crazy 40 year old Divorcee, which I guess she is, she posted a little serene yoga pose in a bikini…just so you all know she’s ok…

I prefer close-up shots.

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