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Kate Upton in Elle of the Day

I saw Kate Upton had posted some of these pictures on Twitter of her recent Elle shoot where she was wearing the Panda hat…to which I wrote “where is the rest of the panday, did you eat it” or something similar…because I am a cyber bully….but more importantly cuz Kate Upton is portly, piggish and even people in the fashion scene don’t get her appeal…but go with it cuz she sells magazines issues to perverts eager to stick them pages together…even though they can just get the pics on the internet….for free due to martyrs like me….

Either way, I don’t hate her and I don’t think calling her sloppy or dumpy is anything but stating fact….but then all her defenders come along and freak out…cuz “have you seen those tits bro”….

Here are the pics cuz I guess it doesn’t matter whether it is baby fat…or slowed down metabolism…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She needs to smoke in every photoshoot, as that makes her much more interesting.

  • ….this is pure trash talk and jealousy. Next time,whomever wrote this trash,make sure the same person ‘pens’ it,because it’s a total giveaway. How small people are…..hahhahahaha!