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Katrina Bowden in Jan/Feb Maxim of the Day


Maxim hates me so I am not sure how long these pics will be on the site, even though they used to buy traffic off me, cuz they didn’t get how this motherfucker right here was 5 times their size on the internet….and I hate Maxim…cuz their shoots suck, they are bottom feeder and they feature chicks who hardly fucking exist, even they are hot or not….

I mean this Katrina Bowden chick was in American Reunion, she had her 5 minutes, she looks good, but really, a Maxim Cover Girl…I guess it’s better than their usual “Hometown Hotty” who they don’t have to pay….cuz bitches love being in magazines…

The whole this is a bit of a joke…you know obviously they got Katrina Bowden, she thought American Reunion was the big break and now she’s gotta work so people don’t forget…and Maxim…Maxim will take whoever the fuck they can get….I bet they wish it was still the 90s more than Pam Anderson’s liver….and Jenny McCarthy’s ass…and Carmen Electra…and David fucking Hasslehoff….it’s always sad when the new takeover….

The good news is she is fucking hot…


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  • mick

    Anytime, anywhere, anything she wants.

  • 5 minutes of fame? She rocked 30 rock although that’s about to be over. I’m sure it was very difficult for her to portray a dumb blonde with slutty yet innocent behaviors & mannerisms. Her interpretation of that character is very believable, and she makes it seem as if she is not “acting” at all when she does it.

    I would say she had 20 minutes of fame and hopefully after 30 rock she decides that it’s in her best interest to have all of her sexual relations on camera, cause well, it just is.