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Katy Perry is the Hottest Woman of 2013?! WTF!! of the Day

Men’s Health Magazine named Katy Perry the hottest woman of 2013, even though 2013 just started and usually these lists happen at the end of the fucking year so we can compare all the women of 2013 and decide objectively who the fucking winner is….leading me to think that Katy Perry bought the magazine and it will forever feature her on the cover like “O”…..or Katy Perry’s team paid the magazine like an advertorial….or paid feature cuz they know she’s a fucking dump truck, but also know that the public are retards and if a media outlet makes a claim we all listen and often times believe and even those of us who question…because let’s face it…Katy Perry and her cankles aren’t hot…and probably aren’t even the hottest thing to fuck in a room when she’s alone and masturbating in her bed….I’m talkng the fucking pillow case has more sex appeal than her…will write about it, giving the magazine another go at this “Printed Media” thing…in one of the final years before the magazine dies…

Look at the above picture….and tell me that shit is the hottest thing you’ve seen in 2013….because if you say it is….you are garbage and don’t belong here. I hate you.

Below is a video of her and John Mayer on their sexcapade….in Hawaii…where the rich and famous overrated trash likely had unprotected sex and compared battle wounds and herpes scabs from being souless sell out demons sent to earth to pollute the world with bad fucking music….and make a lot of money in the process….

All she has it tits…and even then they aren’t that great….don’t let them blind you…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would lovingly shoot jiz over her Double D’s.

  • Big Balls

    It’s amazing what 2 hours of make-up and designer clothes does for women.