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Anne V Nude in Some Photoshoot of the Day

I have a feeling I have posted these pictures of Anne V before…because….they look familiar….but then again naked models have been happening for decades and the photographers can really only be so creative..that when you are drunk they all kinda melt into one another…and that’s why I’m posting these today…you see cuz ultimately, it doesn’t matter when they were taken…what matters is that they were taken….

Now I know what you are thinking, Anne V ruined herself by having sex with Adam Levine from Maroon 5…and I agree that I look at those tits differently now than when they are in a push up bra and on the runway…knowing that he sucked on them like a little homeless baby looking for supper….all eager and excited…he probably also came in her ass, on her face and violated her in ways she doesn’t even realize…a rape victim who doesn’t know she was fucking raped…kinda thing cuz brainwashing is the only thing that will allow us to forgive her for getting up on those moves like jagger like some kind of fucking groupie..

Either, way stare at her tits….

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