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Anne V for Esquire of the Day

When looking at these pictures of Anne V…I’d like to issue a little disclaimer…Adam Levine has had unprotected sex with her…and we can assume he came in her at least once…in all of her orifices….because when you’re a model…and you bag a rockstar who is on TV and worth a ton of money you usually try to secure that shit…or at least show him a good time so that he doesn’t leave you for 3 other models…but when you look like Anne V, I guess you can ignore most things about her vagina, like the list of men who have been through her, or if it smells or has herpes…you kinda just stare at her tall model body and run with it…

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Anne V Nude in Some Photoshoot of the Day

I have a feeling I have posted these pictures of Anne V before…because….they look familiar….but then again naked models have been happening for decades and the photographers can really only be so creative..that when you are drunk they all kinda melt into one another…and that’s why I’m posting these today…you see cuz ultimately, it doesn’t matter when they were taken…what matters is that they were taken….

Now I know what you are thinking, Anne V ruined herself by having sex with Adam Levine from Maroon 5…and I agree that I look at those tits differently now than when they are in a push up bra and on the runway…knowing that he sucked on them like a little homeless baby looking for supper….all eager and excited…he probably also came in her ass, on her face and violated her in ways she doesn’t even realize…a rape victim who doesn’t know she was fucking raped…kinda thing cuz brainwashing is the only thing that will allow us to forgive her for getting up on those moves like jagger like some kind of fucking groupie..

Either, way stare at her tits….

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Anne V and Karolina Kurkova Modeling of the Day

This could have worked out a whole lot better…and been a whole lot hotter…you know cuz they are bikini and lingerie models….who are willing to get topless…and show off their bikini and lingerie models…but instead Roberto Cavalli…used them in the worst possible way….like hiring a hooker to come over and play a game of chess or some shit…step up your bikini model game Cavalli and staff…I thought fashion understood this whole nudity thing…

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Anne V Still On the Beach in a Bikini of the Day

Bikini and lingerie models are fun…because they are professional bikini wearers…which makes looking at them on the beach in a bikini casually and for free…you know on their off time way more spectacular….because normal girls are totally inefficient at parading around half naked…that’s why these girls get paid the big money right? It’s like watching a pro athlete play his sport recreationally…or some shit…or maybe it’s not all that spectacular at all…especially not for someone who likes seeing all girls half naked…especially knowing Adam Levine and his horrible music was inside this vagina…making her almost disgusting to look at…or maybe I’m just lost in that untoned stomach…she needs to step up her bikini model game…cuz we’ve seen her WAY BETTER THAN THIS ….I guess it’s the off season….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Anne V in a Bikini in Miami of the Day

It’s black Friday…but Anne V isn’t black….but her vagina might as well have the black plague since it committed the crime it will never live down…that will follow her around like she’s condemned, tainted and the fucking worst….she did something no woman should ever do…but so many women do do….I just said dodo….she banged Adam Levine…the same Adam Levine who deserves to be shot for his horrible high pitch catchy pop songs that the radio seems to fucking love….and that is something that can’t be forgiven…even if it was for business….even if it was just a dumb young girl thing…even if she is in fucking bikinis like she was some kind of lingerie model…which she is….all I see is a body that may be the reason for the “moves like jagger” song and I am forced to hate her…


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Anne V and Irina Shayk Hot Asses in Bikini of the Day

Anne V is that bitch who is fucking that little man from Maroon 5….a band that is essentially the male version of Katy Perry, with ridiculous radio play despite the horrible songs….you know the shit you playout in your head and wonder why the fuck you know this Prince and Michael Jackson hack impersonation act….and realize it is cuz the media controls you….

Irina Shayk is that bitch who is pretending to fuck Ronaldo, the soccer player, who all those homophobe euros from Spain and Portugal and other fish bearing societies love, but can’t accept as a homosexual, cuz it would make their jerking off to him gay, cuz dainty Eurotrash make sense like that in their macho latin roots.

Together they are those bitches with big, hot, asses I wouldn’t mide chipping a tooth on, even if Anne V isn’t all that, she can watch, or masturabte in the corner or some shit, her modeling contract is like a VIP card, that allows her in my sex fantasies, even if she’s not top candiate, especially not when next to this tanned, Russian, Gold digger/hustler with a ridiculous ass…..

To See More Pics of Irina Shake in Her Thong Bikini

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SI Models Do Twitter of the Day

I guess to further support the SI marketing campaign, they’ve had their models release some slutty pictures of themselves on twitter to generate some buzz, something I fully support on all levels, cuz seeing any bitches half naked for attention, is a fucking winning strategy to me, they don’t even have to be SI bikini models, I’m good with anything with a vagina slutting out, even animals, it’s kinda my thing…

So here’s Kate Upton, the one who looks like a pornstar, with a couple of the other models, loving their recent celebrity, happy they don’t have to throat fuck on camera for the same exposure…

This may be a simple and obvious hustle to get noticed, but sometimes simplicity is the key to success and I am pretty surethis is one of those times…Good hustle. You’ve got a long and prosperous career ahead of you, I mean, until you turn 30….cuz 30 is when models expire..

HEre are the Twitpics of love…I should follow them, but they don’t follow me , and that hurts my feelings.

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