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Anne V and Irina Shayk Hot Asses in Bikini of the Day

Anne V is that bitch who is fucking that little man from Maroon 5….a band that is essentially the male version of Katy Perry, with ridiculous radio play despite the horrible songs….you know the shit you playout in your head and wonder why the fuck you know this Prince and Michael Jackson hack impersonation act….and realize it is cuz the media controls you….

Irina Shayk is that bitch who is pretending to fuck Ronaldo, the soccer player, who all those homophobe euros from Spain and Portugal and other fish bearing societies love, but can’t accept as a homosexual, cuz it would make their jerking off to him gay, cuz dainty Eurotrash make sense like that in their macho latin roots.

Together they are those bitches with big, hot, asses I wouldn’t mide chipping a tooth on, even if Anne V isn’t all that, she can watch, or masturabte in the corner or some shit, her modeling contract is like a VIP card, that allows her in my sex fantasies, even if she’s not top candiate, especially not when next to this tanned, Russian, Gold digger/hustler with a ridiculous ass…..

To See More Pics of Irina Shake in Her Thong Bikini

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  • I’ld still smack that ass.  At least until I left my hand print.  Then I would move on.