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SI Models Do Twitter of the Day

I guess to further support the SI marketing campaign, they’ve had their models release some slutty pictures of themselves on twitter to generate some buzz, something I fully support on all levels, cuz seeing any bitches half naked for attention, is a fucking winning strategy to me, they don’t even have to be SI bikini models, I’m good with anything with a vagina slutting out, even animals, it’s kinda my thing…

So here’s Kate Upton, the one who looks like a pornstar, with a couple of the other models, loving their recent celebrity, happy they don’t have to throat fuck on camera for the same exposure…

This may be a simple and obvious hustle to get noticed, but sometimes simplicity is the key to success and I am pretty surethis is one of those times…Good hustle. You’ve got a long and prosperous career ahead of you, I mean, until you turn 30….cuz 30 is when models expire..

HEre are the Twitpics of love…I should follow them, but they don’t follow me , and that hurts my feelings.

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    all hot models fuck at least 100 guys

    so be happy if you are one of them