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Danielle Sharp Does the Topless 360

Danielle Sharp is some busty UK Glamour model doing one of the most genius concepts in Glamour Model content production….and that is the 360 degree turn…you know so we can all see her from every single possible angle she has to offer…putting herself out there like some slab of meat…in what a creative team of PhDs, doctors, engineers and the worlds best minds probably came together to come up with this concept…”Ok…so we’ll shoot her in 40 pics…each pic a different shot of her turning in a circle…so we can animate it and people can think she’s doing ballet in front of them….you know cuz shooting her from the front and back isn’t enough”….I’m talking some Nobel Prize winning Pulitzer shit….allowing me to see that she is in fact a sex doll I want to purchase…because she gets it…look at all of me….that’s all we fucking care about when it comes to her….the only sad thing in this is that they didn’t make her touch her toes.

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