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Alice Goodwin Topless for Zoo of the Day

Alice Goodwin is a Glamour model who is so fucking important that she’s got her own wikipedia page…a wikipedia page that reads like a short novel of accomplishments…you know one her uneducated ass could probably understand if it was in front of her…and she could see past her tits…a problem all girls should have when it comes to reading…or really doing anything…”Sorry sir, by tits are in the way, I can’t do my homework, but I can show you my dance moves”…..cuz ultimately, she’s accomplished nothing but nude pics in a bunch of UK magazines….which I guess is more than I can say for myself…and not to mention taking your shirt off is the easiest kind of work…I do it for free at least once a month on shower day and I’ll tell you if I was offered 100 dollars an hour to do it…I would…so I guess in a lot of ways…me and this Alice Goodwin are the fucking same…..

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