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Alice Goodwin is the Glamour Model of the Day

Every once in a while, you should take a few minutes to take in really low budget nude photos of low budget women with high priced nightly rates – who offer the girl friend experience or even the wife experience as long as you’re rich – it’s really the only reason they are getting naked in magazines, or really why they got the tits, or at least how they would rather use the tits than for what they originally got them for…lap dances or for tips as a cocktail waitress before some photographer said “hey we could get you in magazines, we don’t pay, but soccer players will love you and this is the UK and that’s guaranteed 20,000 dollar a month child support the next 18 years”….to which they said…”do you have ice for my nipples, I only like tit pics when my nipples are hard”…

This is cleary a shoot for some shitty magazine, that’s on some bootleg inspirational poster from the 80s quality, and I’m posting it anyway – because I am in Canada and we share a queen.

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Daisy Watts and Alice Goodwin in the Shittiest Calendar’s Ever of the Day

Here is the laziest fucking 2014 Calendars you will probably see today, because most people aren’t looking at or for 2014 Calendars today…because it is 2014 motherfuckers, the future, and we have these billion dollars of research devices that are used to track our every move in our pockets…..that have this wild and crazy Calendar app.

But low hanging fruit, like these two Glamour models are doing Calendars, but not even bothering doing a different shoot for month, it’s like take 12 pics randomly, photoshop a month on it, boom done in an hour…

Lazy as fuck, but I wouldn’t expect any better quality from low level UK titty models…

It’s still kind funny to look at.

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A Couple Glamour Model TIts of the Day

This Alice Goodwin chick’s tits are getting a lot of love lately…because they are big…and accepted into the UK Glamour Model escort agency…paving the way for VIP access to all the best parties in the UK….and landing low level celebrity, rich dude, soccer player cock looking for some trophy wife to really prove to the world that they’ve won at life…because when you’re an egotistical asshole…girls don’t really matter unless they look good enough to make your haters jealous…it’s the foundation of all success…but for some reason, I’d never commit to a hooker like this, I’m more into just using them as hookers behind closed doors…but not everyone is as classy as DrunkenStepfather.

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Alice Goodwin in the X-Rated Issue of Zoo of the Day

These are some pretty hardcore pics of this Glamour Model…I mean normally they stick to being topless and “cute” and not topless and pornstars…but I guess it is juer her getting in character for the shoot…or maybe it is just her natural instinct being a girl who is one step away from being a porn star…or at least a stripper…who will eventually do porn cuz stripping sucks and you’re already getting naked….who is in magazines that are one step away from being porn mags…but that keep panties on so that they aren’t considered porn mags….but instead LAD MAGS…and ultimately, these pics are hot, even if she’s not all that awesome…but with all these glamour models…her tits carry her through it…because they are awesome and big…when you’re built like this it’s easy.

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Alice Goodwin Topless is Today’s Glamour Model of the Day

I don’t know what is funnier….Glamour Models….or the girls I see on Instagram who aspire to be Glamour Models…I guess everyone is figuring out that the real models in the world, the only ones who matter are the Glamour models…all average at best looking…with stupid big tits they like showing off…because it’s all they have going for them….because let’s face it…tits are all that really matter at least when it comes to encouraging everyday busty girls to follow in your footsteps….cuz “she’s not all that hot and I got tits…I can totally do that kind of modeling”….is a great train of thought that leads to me seeing tits I otherwise would never see…and I am a fan of that.

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Alice Goodwin Topless for Zoo of the Day

Alice Goodwin is a Glamour model who is so fucking important that she’s got her own wikipedia page…a wikipedia page that reads like a short novel of accomplishments…you know one her uneducated ass could probably understand if it was in front of her…and she could see past her tits…a problem all girls should have when it comes to reading…or really doing anything…”Sorry sir, by tits are in the way, I can’t do my homework, but I can show you my dance moves”…..cuz ultimately, she’s accomplished nothing but nude pics in a bunch of UK magazines….which I guess is more than I can say for myself…and not to mention taking your shirt off is the easiest kind of work…I do it for free at least once a month on shower day and I’ll tell you if I was offered 100 dollars an hour to do it…I would…so I guess in a lot of ways…me and this Alice Goodwin are the fucking same…..

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Alice Goodwin Naked for Zoo of the Day

I don’t know why I ever hated on Glamour Models…because Glamour Models are amazing.

They are the vehicle for busty girls on the fence about getting topless to pretend they are international models…you know the kind of girl who would otherwise be working as a bartender cockteasing all night….instead of stripping where she belongs…cuz stripping is below her…faced with the fame of being a Glamour Model…that can’t be refused…

So I get to see their tits, that I’d never otherwise see, and they are always worth looking at, as tits tend to be….they get to pretend they are important or that they matter, and it is a win win for everyone involved.

Her name is Alice Goodwin and I don’t know who the fuck she is, but I can describe her tits in 10 words or less….starting with Lovely.

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