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You Really Find Kate Upton a Babe? of the Day

It amazes me that Kate Upton is taken seriously in the model world….every single time I look at her pics…I see lies the media is feeding me…I mean she doesn’t even have a nice face…it’s almost bloated and fucking retard looking…..and she sure as hell doesn’t have a nice body…she’s just tall so her 160 lbs of her seems lean…she’s also just 19 and her metabolism hasn’t shut the fuck down yet…but I see a Rosie O’Donnell in her everytime I look at her…and not in a Rosie O’Donnell is a dyke a fucks young bitches kind of way…in a her pantsize will be the fucking same….seriously people…consider this a protest…like I’m PETA and she’s a slaughterhouse or fur….stop caring about her tits enough to make her millions…when there are so many tits out there who actually deserve millions…send her back to the barn she came from….

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  • Word. For realz yo.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would fuck her till she begged me to stop.

    I would then fuck her some more to show her that she is just a piece of fuck meat.

  • roscoe

    19? She looks 38.

  • cowbulls

    I know she won’t age well but for now she is an incredible piece of ass. I would love to play with those fun bags.

  • AntAttack

    She’s lovely, leave her alone you big fuckbag!

  • beavis

    Followed up by a post where that beak nosed stick-boy from South Africa is glorified for the 1000th time today.

    Dammit, you trolled me again, fucking fat Mexican.

  • Preach it! Make them see Stepfather! Make them see!!!

  • Travis

    If she was some girl in line at Walmart then I’d think ok, she’s a pretty girl. But for a model who makes a shit-ton of money for her looks, I just don’t get it…