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Emily Ratajkowski Wins at Instagram of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski is the future of everything…and by everything I mean my heart…because she makes me believe in love…you know that it actually exists…and that there is a soul mate out there for everyone…who you can never get bored of…so long as you both may live….because she’s got the hottest body around and she shows it off nude modeling in all kinds of obscure low level shoots…all while making a name for herself…even though as far as I’m concerned she’s already famous..she’s the top of the charts….but more importantly she’s perfect….the only imperfect thing in this instagram pic she just posted is that her friend’s hands are not my mouth…

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  • NotBuyingIt

    What is that, Bulgarian TSA?

  • AntAttack

    I want the job of her tit wrangler

  • dickfarts

    funny how these models think they are elegant and shit. Deep down they are just whores who want to show their bodies for money. Nice tits.

  • cowbulls

    Great picture. I knew she had nice tits but this picture shows a nice round built for sex ass.