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Lady Gaga Split Pants Fat Ass Wof the Day

I saw this picture last night but was too battered from all the tweeting…coupled with the fact that I don’t give a fuck about Lady Gaga and I don’t really think the rest of the world, other than her gang of loyal freaks, care….you see cuz everything she does is for attention…a bullshit, fabricated cry for attention, tricking the retards into thinking she’s a visionary or an artist…when it’s pretty obvious and straight forward that she’s just a fucking puppet….doing fucking puppet bullshit to get noticed….that said…I’m posting the pic anyway…cuz split pants on any fat ass in a room full of 10,000 people….is kinda funny…even if this clown worked it into her nonsense juggling act!

I’m too lazy to look for the video – someone send it to me.

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