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Throwback Sofia Vergara Nipple of the Day

Here’s a clip from 1994, when Sofia Vergara was just 40, posing her smaller than now, but still big single mother trying to make it as hard as she can tits. Fun.

Apparently her tit falls out at some point…but I didn’t notice it becasue I was too busy trying to figure out what the hell I was watching, this low budget TV shit, that you can produce better quality productions on your iPhone, make me laugh, from the voice overs to the actual footage, is fucking genius, and should make a comeback because let’s face it…it’s a fucking joke in and of itself….kinda like this 90s hair….

Hispanic people are funny. That said, I am sure if you looked deep into the archives on the internet -even though she was struggling before the internet….there’d be a ton of her nudes….somewhere….cuz you don’t get famous keeping your clothes on especially when you’re a single mother!

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  • Superman

    WTF you talking about? The hair styles are the same as it is now on hot chicks. Dude, you’re the joke.

    And that competition was obviously rigged. The winner was the only one that was crying when they named the finalist. No doubt the blonde slut screwed her way to the top.

  • Travis

    Yeah, ’90s hair & 2013 hair are EXACTLY the same.
    Superman, you’re a fucking retard…