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Melissa Debling Naked for Zoo of the Day

OMG a Glamour Model in a Lad Mag is showing her tits….Scandalous…call the press…this is huge fucking news because these lad mags don’t find these chicks and circulate them from magazine to magazine…doing the same topless poses cuz it makes them famous for showing their tits…and gets them paid…without doing porn…or working a real job….and often times ends with a famous soccer player husband….retirement plan….but how can you hate when they look like this…all glorious….especially coming out of the UK where you’d expect them to be soot covered, toothless, with cold sores eating mashed potatoes out of the box….cheerio.

There’s just so much to say about Glamour Models that I haven’t already said, but I’m keeping that locked in my vault, saving it for a rainy day, waiting for the perfect time, to say exactly the same thing I say every single day about them….cuz there’s really not that much to say about glamour models….

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