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Lindsey Vonn Showing Her Skier Body for Outside of the Day

I have had the unfortunate job of living at a ski hill for at least one season operating the chair lift because I live in fucking Canada and that was the only work I could get in my small shitty town that I originally moved to when I met my fat wife off the internet based on pics that weren’t even of her….I got catfished people…only instead of making a documentary and TV show about it…I got married….

At that ski hill….I saw one or two hot bitches on the regular…who would change into their suits at the lodge…..all cold and hard nippled…but the the real stars of the race team…the Lindsey Vonn’s of the hill were built like school busses with tree trunk legs, shitty asses and faces I didn’t notice cuz I was too busy scoping them out for dicks…

Kinda how I feel about this half naked shoot of Lindsey Vonn for Outside magazine..I mean she races as a girl…but it could be some Venus Williams, Lady Bug (RIP BRANDIS), She’s The Man (RIP BYNES), Miss Universe has a dick…shit…and you fucking love the ambiguity…you freak.

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