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White Girl Twerk VIdeo of the Day

I have no idea what this video is about…but it made me laugh…sure it’s from a Drake concert in June and the commentary is just so mean spirited and racist towards white people…but seeing some white chick on Molly, grinding some dude dressed like a circus clown, when there is no music playing, is pretty fucking jokes and I like jokes….especially bad ones….like this.

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  • jamman

    dis commentary twas not the slightest bit racist. get your head out yo azz, u liberal faggot.

  • Gen

    On ecstasy perhaps? Damn that’s funny.
    Btw, don’t see the racism either. But jamman is an @$$hat.

  • Cartman

    Video commentary courtesy of a shaved ape. And no, that’s not racist either.

  • Ali

    The commenter was trying even harder than the subject. Just put it on mute and watch.

  • Noooooo

    If it was white people commenting in two black people it would be racist.