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Kelly Brook Modeling Lingerie of the Day

No idea what these Kelly Brooke lingerie modeling is from but it is kinda what she does on a regular basis so it doesn’t really matter….big girls don’t cry…but they do show off their big tits for money if they are smart….like Kelly Brook busty and willing to show off that busty cuz it makes her money and gets her rich men to knock her up that she later aborts and pretends to miscarry cuz saying she rid her uterus of a pollution that would kill all she built for her career isn’t very good for her image….

That’s not the point…the point is she’s using her tits to peddle some shit…and that shit doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she’s using her tits to peddle it….I’m not really a Kelly Brook fan…but I am a man…sure barely a man….but a man nonetheless and thus down with staring at whatever half naked thing is thrown at me….for whatever reason…whether to make money…sell product…or feed me….I am into it….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    If there are no nipples in evidence, shit does not need to be posted.

  • Travis

    What a pig…