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Gaga in the Tub of the Day

I got excited when I first saw these pics of Gaga cuz I thought the welts on her back were AIDS lesions….meaning the end is fucking near…I saw Philadelphia – I know how these immune disorders that target the gay, tranny, black, and elderly population work…..but then I realized that Gaga is probably not needle sharing, and likely only fucking herself, because despite being rich and famous, she’s the only thing that could love her enough to do that to themselves…that face is a nightmare….then I did some research and thought maybe it was blood cancer…or really anything terminal…and remembered she has LUPUS….which is pretty much AIDS the Opposite version….kinda like she’s ART the opposite version….so here I am all happy the world is gonna be rid by an evil….thanks to nature taking its course and doing what’s right….but then I read the caption…and she just got hot cupping….which is unlike 2 girl 1 cupping….but more like a massage or spa treatment to rid your body of evil toxins and that was a real fucking bummer…but not as much of a bummer as being invited into GAGA’s bath in the first place….

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  • Joe

    Stupid Hollywood bullshit just like magic water. This is nothing more then a hickey (busted blood vessels) made with a modified drain plunger.or automotive vacuum tool and cup painted fancy

    That Paltrow chick had this crap on her back at the beach this summer in Montauk it looked like shit.
    You can get AIDS and Hep-C giving or receiving this !!