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Irina Shayk Modeling Lingerie for Valentines Day of the Day

Valentines Day, the government created mid-february initiative to stimulate the economy while making people in relationships feel inadequate and making people not in relationships feel suicidal leading to a great opportunity to lure girls into your bed who are just looking for a little affection….is right around the corner…and the lingerie companies know it….they figure it is the second biggest day of the year for them…because what the fuck else do you give your woman if you’re looking to get laid…not a blender….maybe jewelery…but there’s no real benefit to dropping money on gold and diamonds…other than a blowjob…at least with lingerie you can imagine she’s Irina Shayk when she puts it on…because fantasy is the foundation of all successful marriages….and it is also the only good that comes from Valentine’s Day…..

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