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Miley Gets Hot for Cosmo of the Day

Miley Cyrus is in the latest Cosmo and she looks fucking awesome…but I may just be saying that because I think I love her…at least in pictures cuz unlike all you haters calling her a dyke with her dyke hair…I am a contemporary thinker who is down with the youth, their styles and the time in some finger on the pulse shit…and I also know first hand…thanks to alopecia and one of my first girlfriends that no one but me wanted thanks to alopecia…. that cumming on a girl with a bald head’s bald head is a glorious fucking experience,…even if in Miley’s case it’s just half of her head…

The reality is that even if she was dyking out or holding hands with another girl at the farmer’s market buying organ vegan food….wearing a prosthetic cock like she was Chaz Bono….I’d still be into this cuz she’s built exactly how I like em built….and when in picture we don’t have to deal with all her miserable and horrible flaws….miserable and horrible flaws I’d be more than happy to K-Fed.

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  • I like the caption where she admits she is not a girl and I dislike the caption where she flat out lies about not smiling as part of Disney’s game to be a princess for them.

    Yeah you did, hell you’re name isn’t even Miley you changed it from Destiny which was better because you are always “smiley” except you can’t pronounce words right and yeah you enjoyed the cash.

    You know it.

  • al

    She pretends the mike is Liam’s nose! Yea right,Liam”s nose.

  • joho777

    Miley still looks like a skinny kid who is wearing an awesome amount of somebody else’s makeup.

  • jamman

    It’s cute that she is talking about ‘writing songs’ and her ‘record’ like she is a real musician, and not a phony entity created by Disney to sell junk psuedo-music to little girls.