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McKayla Maroney is Headed in the Right Direction of the Day

McKayla Maroney is the Olympic Gold medal winning meme…who is not 18, but I figure if she’s old enough to represent your country and win for your country and make millions in sponsorship from your country….

She’s old enough for you to look at sexually…not to mention I’m in Canaada where 14-16 is legal, but I don’t recommend it…cuz dirty, unprotected sex loving 20 somethings who have learned the ropes, been beat down a few times, open minded to anal and other things the youth fear, despite it being the best form of Birth Control…and god doesn’t take away your V-Card if you do it….

You see, I don’t like the under 18s at all…except maybe when they are walking around in the summer in booty shorts and I can’t tell they are under 18 until their dads give me dirty looks knowing they do the same to their friend’s daughters….

But I do like an athlete turned actor, faced with so much attention, starting to hit social media with videos dressed like a tart….cuz I know what’s gonna come when the general interest in her disappears…and so do you…cuz it always fucking does

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  • Rosarch

    I like to call her McKayla McYummy. I think she is going to be a sex goddess, you can tell she is dirty.

  • Phillip McCracken

    what she really needs is a dick in her mouth at all times so no one ever has to her annoying voice. Jesus Christ, does she breathe helium?

  • uwotm8

    U r 1 cheeky cunt m8, I swear I will wreck u, I swear on my Mum’s life.

  • Anonymous

    This was for a photoshoot guys, christ.

    She wants to get into modeling and acting after shes done with gymnastics, and shes trying to get her foot in the door in that respect. Calm down. Have you guys literally never seen a model before? Shes actually a really sweet girl and people are blowing all of this way out of proportion.

  • Based Britbro

    Everytime I see delusional macfags that don’t know anything about gymnastics I shake my head and laugh

  • lel stream