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Ashley Tisdale for Icon Magazine of the Day

Today, I woke up to a comment on my facebook saying “you’ll have to stop the Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch cuz she looks fuckable in a pic she just posted”…

The Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch is a feature I’ve been doing for at least 3 years now….because let’s face it she’s not all that hot…but the real motivation was because she won some teen choice award shit as the hottest girl of the year and I got mad…because such corruption in the polls, even for something so insignificant…showing anyone with a brain that awards could be purchased….not to mention I didn’t want young girls thinking getting a nose job makes a gremlin a fucking 10….breast implants do that…

That inspired me start this fight that is not worth fighting….but I do it anyway…

But today….today it may all be over…thanks to photoshop..and I guess the real cause for concern in all this is not that Ashley Tisdale is Ugly but can smoke and mirror herself…it’s that my facebook friends are following Ashley Tisdale….creeps….

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  • .

    Not photoshopped dude, this pic was taken straight from the photographers camera.

  • roscoe

    How dare you complain about photoshopping when every woman you droll over is from a catalog ad?

  • Phillip McCracken

    Hey now, I only follow her on twittering not facebook. Please continue the ugly watch. Its the only way I get to see pictures of her as I’m too lazy to search for them. Anyways, I so want to know what it feels like to be inside ashley tisdale. I wish I could crawl up inside her and stay the night. This way not only would I know what it felt like to be as deep inside her as I could possibly be, but, id know what it would feel like to be her organic discharge being released. Although I have seen the dudes she dates, so I highly doubt she actually knows what an orgasm is.

  • Ashely Tisdale needs to whip out those tits, shaved cunt, and ass and pose for Playboy… and be in a movie full frontal getting fucked hard…