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Barbara Palvin for Terrry Richardson of the Day

It’s official – Barbara Palvin annoys me and not because she’s had sex with Justin Bieber…Something I don’t believe because she has a vagina and isn’t a 40 year old back dude who thinks he is Michael Jackson named Usher….but because she’s acting all playful, making stupid faces like some kind of idiot, while not looking cute at all, and just looking annoying…the kind of girl you’d likely want to punch in the face at least in theory if you were forced to sit at a dinner with her…and her ADD hyper activity stupidity that wasn’t even cute when she was 5….it’s like girl, act like a lady….or like a slut…but whatever this in between is just fuckin’ weak

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  • So…Justin Beaver could get this chick naked, but Terry couldn’t?


  • Walkaway_Joe

    Terry Richardson is a one-trick pony. All is photos are the exact same. I don’t understand.