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Eva Longoria’s Obama Ass of the DAy

I would have assumed that this self-hating, first generation, whiter that a white person, Mexican who was spoiled as a kid cuz her parents where just so happy to be in America….would be more of a gun totin’ Texas Republican….since that’s where she’s from…and more importantly…since as a self-hating Mexican…who is also rich…her initiative of choice is to crack down on illegals…unless they are willing to fold her laundry for 5 dollars an hour…cuz sometimes when you lose touch of the fact that your daddy jumped the fence…when you lose touch with reality…

But I guess that’s not very “hollywood” something she tries so hard to be a part of…..So what better way to show your political stance than to wear it on your motherfuckin ass….unless she is being ironic….who knows…but more importantly…who cares.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Stupid cunt.

  • biker mike

    yep she is dumb, GDP has gone neg, economy is getting worse, unemployment is rising, middle east is screwed up,, I myself havent worked for 3 years,, how did the press get away with covering up how screwed up obama has made things, we are soooo screwed

  • Rich

    Thank you for channeling my visceral hatred for all things Hollywood. You…just…get it.