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January Jones Isn’t Giving me Boners in Vs. Magazine of the Day

January Jones is boring in VS magazine….which is ok because she’s boring in everything she does…and the fame and attention she got for being on whatever show she was on was undeserved..she was just the best looking girl in the show…and I don’t even know if that is true…because I never watched the show she was on….and the only thing fun she did was have a kid out of wedlock with a mystery man that you assume was someone that came with scandal…that she did a good job keeping secret…because I guess it is the only interesting thing she did in her life….and now she’s in VS magazine….celebrating her recent breakup….because no one wants to get stuck with a single mom….they are against Jesus’ way…

Here are the pics.

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  • LolleyGagger

    Agreed, can’t stand German uber-lesbian-chic BS (yes I just made that up on the spot, I think or heard it somewhere).

  • Travis

    She’s nothing special, in fact, she’s a bit of a bore.
    If tells a joke, you’ve probably heard it before…