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Some Rihanna Rolling Stone Pics of the Day

You know why it’s ok for Rihanna to be a broken girl…because she’s ridiculously fucking rich and famous..and rich and famous people don’t have problems…and even if they do…they don’t matter…cuz they are rich and famous and can buy themselves happiness…and even if she’s just totally fucking broken, which I don’t think she really is….cuz she’s smiling and having fun with things, even with her abusers….it just doesn’t make a difference for her…or her life…she’s set…has nothing to prove..and nothing to worry about…and I like watching her….she’s doing way better than all the girls in her high school who are fat, have 5 kids with different men who probably beat them and no one writes articles about it….and who make beds all day at rich people resorts….

You see…it’s hard to take anything seriously…but it’s easy to stare at tits….

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  • Rosarch

    How hilarious, a fucking brokeass spic whose people are known for the ones that make hotel beds making a stupid fucking comment like that. Bet dollars to donuts your mom still makes hotel beds.