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Lana Del Rey for Numero of the Day

I have never found Lana Del Rey all that hot…I mean she’s a whole lot of smoke and mirrors and post production…but I can’t really hate what she’s doing…her songs are not shit…her image isn’t all that bad…even if it’s fake or set up for the media….a packaged fucking good that has been marketed properly thanks to her daddy’s money…maybe…but it worked…people ate it up and to hate is just useless partially cuz she doesn’t know who I am…so my opinion is irrelevant…but more importantly….who fucking cares if she’s legit or not…she is making money, living the good life, and is not overly offensive about it…especially when she’s modeling in magazines showing a little tit…a little topless…I have no choice but to be a fan…

To hate someone doing this climb to the top right goes against my life philosophy of hating people who don’t deserve this fame thing….her product is good and now she’s starting to look good…making all this good…..someone get me a thesaurus.

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  • DailyNightly

    Dear God-is she going for the Winehouse effect now? The “Kate Bosworth” of the music industry, totally not happening. She needs to go away.

  • Travis

    She’s so terrible, vapid, manufactured & shameless I can’t help but like her…

  • ObjectiveMusicCritic

    Lana is the best singer in the world.