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Sara Sampaio in Some Lingerie Catalog Shots of the Day

This Sara Sampaio is obviously the replacement for Adriana Lima reminding us that we are all replaceable…even when your ego doesn’t want to admit that there are people who can do your useless standing around half naked job as good, if not better than you, even though you have 10 years experience standing around half naked, because you don’t like admitting that what you get paid millions for is a joke, requires no talent, and isn’t a real job even if you never have to work again….

She’s from Portugual, she’s likely a fisherman’s daughter, she’s got great lips and I am a fan….even in shitty Catalog shots…

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  • roscoe

    Looks like the daughter of a fish, not a fisherman.

  • luis

    “Portugual,” huh? Fucking moron.