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Sara Sampaio Topless for Vogue of the Day

Sara Sampaio Topless for Vogue

Sara Sampaio isn’t that interesting. She was some Portuguese model who no one I know in Portugal every heard of, despite Portugal having a population of 2000, but that I like to think they pretend is a Portuguese model, because they don’t want the world to know they make robot women in their factory behind all the cheaply made, sweatshop, panties…

What is interesting is that she made a fucking scene last year because I magazine she posted nude for posted the pics she signed off on…but is getting topless in Vogue because it’s Vogue…

I mean sure you can’t see her nipples, but that just makes it more of a bullshit shoot than the other shoot..where you could see her nipples…because when you’re a panty promo model…you’re a slut and a slut who doesn’t show nipples is the kind of slut who shouldn’t succeed as a slut. No room for prudes here. When you’re a whore you’re a whore so whore.

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Sara Sampaio and Sadie Newman Bra and Panties of the Day

Sara Sampaio and Sadie Newman Bra and Panties

I just followed this Sadie Newman model on instagram – who just broke 100k because she is the newest of the Victoria’s Secret girls. One they’ve found and are cultivating for whatever reason. Using their marketing tactics to make her a celebrity, like putting her in shoots with their other vaginas in their stable. Then getting her in other magazines, working for other brands and really becoming “famous”…as a model that all the other girls envy…so Sadie Newman…she’s your newest masturbation material and all it took was some brand to tell you that she’s hot, relevant and worth jerking off to…and now mattering because a billion dollar evil brand that has sweatshops in China….but distracts you with all the pussy….to make it ok….full smoke and mirrors to sell overpriced panties to retard mall shoppers..
and this is their new pussy…

More of Sadie Newman…she’s skinny and rat faced….the way the world seems to like it…

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Sara Sampaio Nipples of the Day

Sara Sampaio Nipples See Through Shirt

Sara Sampaio brought her nipples out to the paparazzi – by wearing a sheer shirt and no bra – as all the girls are doing these days – which we all like because we are perverts who would never get to see their tits otherwise….something the girls showing their tits don’t seem to realize…because they get mad when we stare, despite them wearing it, because for some reason they aren’t wearing it for us to stare, even though we only see tits in porno and when it happens in our everyday lives we pay attention thanks to coming from an era when girls didn’t walk around topless.

That said, Sara Sampaio, whined about a magazine posting or publishing her titty pics, that she let them take, called it sexual assault, yet walks around like this..like a harlot…hard to take her “rape” cries seriously…

I’m not saying short skirts are deserving of rape, or that they beg to be raped, but they are easier to rape than pants….so protect yourself and don’t be an idiot and maybe bad things won’t happen to you….and maybe bad things you think are bad aren’t actually bad…because you made them happen…you fucking victims.

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Sara Sampaio Tits Out of the Day

Sara Sampaio White See Through Dress Showing Ass and Tits

A while ago, I accidentally heard Sara Sampaio doing a talk on her being sexually assaulted by a magazine that she shot nude for, who posted those nude pics she was the consenting model in, and signed off on, published them in the magazine she was nude modelling for…

I thought to myself, what a fucking idiot, to do a shoot for a nude magazine, to get naked in said shoot, and to ask them to not post the pics, only to have them post the pics…then call them out for being sexual assaulters, hopping on the METOO train, trying to actually matter…now at an event, tits out, looking like the Portuguese drag queen in Brazil on Carnival trying to get into tranny porn….not hot, overrated, but a VS model….which makes sense. Living the dream.

Here she is in a swimsuit for philipp plein

Sara Sampaio Black One Piece Bodysuit and Thigh High Boots

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Stella Maxwell and Sara Sampaio Tits in Cannes of the Day

Stella Maxwell Tits in a Black Lace Dress in Cannes

Stella Maxwell is the Victoria’s Secret model, manipulator, social climber, celebrity fucker who has leveraged being a hipster model with a shaved head and uneven tits from 5 or 6 years ago…to being a top model…

I have no idea how that happened, but assume it starts with eating famous pussy…and throwing Barbara Palvin under the bus, because you have to really want it to make it in America…and when you really want it…you do anything for it…and obstacles you need to climb over like Barbara Palvin become easy prey…

But here she is…all A List at Cannes doing whatever it is so does…tits out…lookin’ good.

She’s in tights….and damn Stella Maxwell is skinny, it’s like Kristen Stwart sucked all the fat out of her via her vagina during lesbianism….she’s with her colleague and overrated VS model Sara Sampaio….

Sara Sampaio and Stella Maxwell in a White Bra in Cannes

So here’s Sara Sampaio who is not deserving of a post of her own but thanks to riding Stella Maxwell’s famous paparazzi care where the pussy Kristen Stewart is, she’s relevant by association…

Sara Sampaio Tits in a Black Lace Dress in Cannes


If that doesn’t interest you, maybe the lesbian Stella Maxwell scissors and manipulates does:

Here’s an angry Kristen Stewart…who may or may not be Patrick Stewart’s daughter…I’m going with not…


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Sara Sampaio Naked For Fashion of the Day

Sara Sampaio Naked for Fashion

Sara Sampaio is naked in some magazine that doesn’t matter, but that is called Madame Figaro – April 2018…which I guess matters to Sara Sampaio on her bullshit quest to get famous or more famous or more media…

The fact that she is naked in a magazine is pretty interesting, but not interesting at all, but interesting if you care to pay attention to these idiots, because it is a reminder of how bullshit her and her DONKEY FROM SHREK LOOKING face is…

She’s not hot, really not hot, but she gets work, thinks she’s hot and dates billionaires…

But I digress, I’m totally off track, thoughts circulating my brain to fast to focus on what I am trying to say like some ADD kid on speed….because I’m so upset about the lies!!! THE LIES!

I actually don’t care, but I heard her do some keynote speech a while ago, probably in November about how she was sexually assaulted because a magazine published nude pics of her that she allowed them to take but that they said they wouldn’t publish…the magazine was LUI and she was clearly happy to be there…but decided she didn’t want the nude pics released for free like some kind of whore…


Clearly she likes to be naked, in naked shoots, and her sexually assaulted angling was just her being an asshole to someone, trying to shame them, or make them come across as evil predators and that’s just evil…

I hate the fake sex assault accusers and think they should go to jail…they are as bad as the real sexual assaulters…seriously…

Sara Sampaio Naked for Fashion

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Sara Sampaio Fitness Erotica of the Day

Sara Sampaio fitness in a gucci bodysuit

Sara Sampaio is an irritating sex worker – who will polarize her career as not being a sex worker – while posing half naked for money is by default a sex worker – but just not in this era of of people not realizing they are pros, but rather models, because it feels better on the soul…especially when you come from a catholic background…

Sara Sampaio is the type of model who releases think pieces and complaints and even what she may think is activism because the magazine she did a nude shoot for published her nude pics when they promised they wouldn’t despite being a nude magazine….the nerve they had…publishing images you own the rights to of a model who signed off on the images you took….PREDATOR.

The world is crazy…

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