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Sara Sampaio for Some Campaign of the Day


Sara Sampaio is boring…

But Victoria’s Secret has given her a stamp of approval…and now companies you’ve never heard of can overpay her for their campaigns, giving her a bigger ego than she already has, making rich guys think they aren’t sugar babies because they make 10k a day or more, when they are sugar babies…even though there are 1000s of hotter girls with better selfies on instagram that this shit..

This is zero fucking interesting, compelling, creative, if anything it makes me think the brand are fucking idiots for wasting money on this shit, money they could have used to save a dying child…or some shit..

Garbage..but I’m posting it…so I guess they got 4 dollars of free exposure…for their thousands spent…

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Sara Sampaio Posing Nude With Dicks for Numero of the Day


Sara Sampaio is only interesting because she’s marketed as a Portuguese model, but no one in Portugal who I’ve ever talked to have any idea who she is, making me think she’s more of an abducted by Victoria’s Secret model, possibly made and raised in their prisoner model camp, based on Adriana Lima DNA, because they have the same look…they are a billion dollar a year in sales company…I wouldn’t trust anything about them….like you do, you fat middle american mall shopper who think they produce quality sweatshop bras that make you look any better than you’re disguting fat sloppy tits..which is impossible…you need a gym…

Speaking of gym, Sara Sampaio’s the model who gets hated on hard because she’s skinny, despite skinny being hot, because everyone hates skinny girls…any by everyone I mean fat girls, who hate everyone…even themselves…but they love cake..they fucking love cake…and here she is showing off her hot naked, skinny, model body…with dicks…which is an intersting angle by Numero Germany….it’s one boner away from being considered hardcore porn…presented by art…but still erotica…tame erotica…that at least one person will jerk off to..because seeing a VS model that close to a dick..is good enough…and all I have to say is if this is actually German for Germany…where’s the scat…

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Sara Sampaio for June’s UK Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


Sara Sampaio is a Portuguese freedom fighter, which is more than you can say for most Portuguese people, who haven’t really accomplished much since finding North America, and who have since kinda taken the back seat to productivity and decided to ride off that…1492 hustle…

But Sara Sampaio, who is Portuguese and who has been just named a new Victoria’s Secret angel…which means she has secured an actual modeling contract with the brand…that involves something like 55 work days, tons of press, for something like 50k a year…is a freedom fighter…

If defending being skinny is a freedom fighter thing to do, which I think it is, in this era of everyone is fat and disgusting, and skinny babes are a dying art form…thanks to hormones in our foods and laziness…

She’s a model and is supposed to be skinny….maybe it is part of her marketing campaign to get the press talking about how great she is for being skinny…or it is just great to be skinny and fat chicks and fast food joints and the Pharma industry hate anyone who is living it…

It’s like reverse the bullying, let’s not laugh at the fat girl who’s thighs are rubbing together and is out of breath walking ten steps to get to the donut shop…as she slowly dies…in a life where there is no quality of life…thanks tot donuts…and instead bully the babe getting paid to be half naked…

The whole world’s gone crazy, and I blame social media.

Here she is in Harper’s Bazaar, in pretty boring pics…considering we’ve seen her naked…. HERE

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Sara Sampaio for Calzedonia Bikinis of the DAy

sara-sampaio-calzedonia-bikinis-2015-01 (1)

Sara Sampaio is some skinny bitch Portuguese model…who probably isn’t actually portuguese because the Portuguese are too busy roasting chicken to get into modeling…but maybe it’s a good play for her…seeing as there is all this hype around Brazil…which stems from Portugal…you know leverage what you can…

She was or is a Victoria’s Secret model, which means she’s a big deal…and now she’s posing in shitty Catalog pics for some random Euro bathing suit brand…

She is known for being controversial about celebrating skinny bitches…because skinny bitches get a lot of hate for being skinny in this fat centric world…even though skinny bitches are healthier…but fat bitches are bullies…when they aren’t too busy eating and being lazy…

As a fan of skinny girls, she is the leader of their tribe and for that, I celebrate her…in her bikinis…by trying to get you to masturbate to her…

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Sara Sampaio in a Bikini for Banana MOon of the Day


I fucking hate all catalog and editorial pictures for brands, even bikini brands, because they always look cheesy as fuck, even when they aren’t even that cheesy, all because they are some girl getting overpaid to pose like an idiot, for no real reason at all, other than to sell product…it’s just fucking cheesy…

Catalogs and editorial campaigns, should just be real fucking people in the product, doing real things, like spilling out of said bikini, none of this candy coated phoney shit..

That said, her name is Sara Sampaio, she works for the competitor, because I assume the competitor owns a piece of every bikini and underwear company…

She’s skinny as fuck, from Portugal and her claim to fame is calling out other girls for being haters because she’s healthy and they are fat….

She drove that point home, you know that she can eat whatever she wants,…whith this watermelon…

Either way, she’s in a bikini

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Sara Sampaio for Carl’s Jr of the Day

Sara Sampaio is a skinny as fuck portuguese model, who I don’t think is actually from Portugal, but it seemed ethnic enough to use in her pitch to the brands that hire her for jobs…like Victoria’s Secret…

I think her real claim to fame was going up against the haters because the haters were calling her too skinny, leading her on a guest of skinny girl shaming campaign, saying that calling a girl too skinny is like calling a fat girl too fat, and just because she’s healthy and doesn’t overeat because she’s a model, all you fat bitches need to shut the hell up…you’re all just jealous…or some shit..

Now she’s gone and done a fast food ad in her underwear, because fuck the haters, they just fat and jealous….and hopefully they’ll buy into her bullshit campaign and get fatter becauase the fatter the world is, the skinnier she becomes, and the more work she gets because no one really likes fat chicks…not even fat chicks…

It’s all part of her skinny girl ploy…

Here are some pics of her modeling…because everyone likes models…

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Sara Sampaio’s SKinny Bikini Pics of the Day

Victoria's Secret models Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tookes and Romee Strijd relax poolside in Miami

I used to think that the worst thing about Portuguese girls is pretty much everything…but I’m just saying that because I once had some portuguese boss who was a total bitch, but I’m not sure if he was actually a woman, or if he just acted like one. You know all heated, son of a fisherman, piece of shit…with some fat wife who thought she was a fucking princess, who I guess didn’t realize that Portugal, despite it’s beautiful landscape is the asshole of Europe…because as Portuguese, they stick amongst themselves…

But then I’ve met some cool people from Portugal, some babes from Portugal, and I realized, the issue wasn’t Portuguese people, but rather first generation Canadian portuguese people, allowing me to find a love for the right Portuguese girl, you know the ones without the moustaches…

That said, none of the Portuguese people I have met have ever heard of Sara Sampaio, even though she milks her Portuguese roots more than she milks the family cow for milk, at least based on her skinny fucking body, but maybe she just has a fast metabolism…

All this to say this fat bitch, Sara Sampaio’s not so fat…in her bikini ..

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Fitness Lessons with Sara Sampaio of the Day

Here’s a little fitness program with Sara Sampaio.

Sara Sampaio is a Victoria’s Secret model, who barely anyone in Portugal has ever really heard of, but who is from Portugal…and most importantly skinny as fuck…so if you’re going to take any advice from her, it would probably be better suited being her diet plan, you know starve yourself, but I guess her workout is important too…I’m just surprised she didn’t pass out from exhaustion due to not eating….but maybe I’m skinny girl shaming, even though I love skinny girls, the skinnier the better, I just prefer my skinny girls not kicking ass, but struggling to stand after one drink…due to liver failure from starvation…it’s so much hotter…and they can’t really fight you off when you want to cuddle them in a back alley…because you’re a romantic…and Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Part 2

Part 3 –

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Sara Sampaio’s Skinny Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Sara Sampaio is getting bad press for being too skinny…even though she’s a model and is supposed to be skinny….maybe it is part of her marketing campaign to get the press talking about how great she is for being skinny…or maybe the fat feminist lesbians are legitimately disgusted by her and her fast metabolism because she chooses not to get fat like them…but more importantly…she gets paid for not being fat like them…and then she ends up in campaigns that tell girls it is ok to be skinny…in fact…it is probably healthy to be skinny…and you don’t need to be anorexic to be skinny…you can work out and eat well…but I guess McDonalds wants none of that…

Well, Victoria’s Secret does, because she was on set shooting PINK…and I think she looks awesome, but then again, I don’t think models should be fat, I don’t think any girls should be fat, and her skinny little body has a perfectly round ass I’d like to try to suffocate on before using her as a toothpick…skinny bitch I want more of this…

Protection is the key! ?????? @rachelhilbert @makky15 @sash19 @vspink

Une photo publiée par Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) le

Here’s a little Dance Video…

DANNNCE OFFF!!!!! @sarasampaio @sash19

Une vidéo publiée par Rachel Hilbert (@rachelhilbert) le


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Sara Sampaio Loves Skinny of the Day

A photo posted by Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) on

5 days ago Sara Sampaio defended herself against evil society that hates skinny girls and that try to shame her for all she represents being skinny, even though the real people who deserve to be bullied are fat girls, because it is for their own good, it beats diabetes….and skinny models should be celebrated, because they fit the clothes best, that’s why they are models…

So any skinny hot model bitch defending the evil that is fat chicks is a friend of mine, even if she probably hates me because I make fun of her on the internet, provided she knows I exist, which I can assure you she doesn’t, even though she should, since we are fighting the same fight, hating fat chicks…

I’m proud of my body and I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different! I eat a lot, so next time u decide to tell me to eat a burger remember I probably eat more burgers than you, I’ve always been skinnier, and probably will always be, I workout, I’m healthy and I’m happy! The amount of hate I see thrown at me and to other model friends that I know are naturally skinny it’s ridiculous! U don’t see us shaming other types of bodies so please don’t come and shame ours! Be happy with ur body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny, fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don’t share hate! Be happy

Happy jump ???? #stbarths

Uma foto publicada por Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) a

So blessed!! ???????????????? @vspink @sash19 #stbarths

A photo posted by Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) on

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Sara Sampaio for Jeremy Scott of the Day

Sara Sampaio is the skinny Portuguese model who Victoria’s Secret has recruited to be the next Adriana Lima…and I guess they’ve given her to Jeremy Scott for Adidas because I guess they are tyring to get her in with the hipster rappers who don’t seem to care that they are wearing flamboyant because they don’t seem to care about gay guys dressing them even though they hate gays, it’s part of hip hop…and I guess she’s not looking all that hot, but I figure any girl dressed let a ghetto hood rat video vixen, is good enough for me to stare at…for 4-5 seconds…which happens to be the amount of time I spent ont this post…I am hard hitting journalism like that…


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Sara Sampaio’s bare Ass and Tits with a Horse for the Perverts of the Day

This is not a weird fetish photoshoot from some obscure porn site, this is Sara Sampaio for Vogue Spain, which means this is top fashion, and I guess you can ignore the clothes she is in, despite it being a fashion magazine, and focus on the fact that she is naked with a horse…or half naked with a horse, up on some weirdo Equus fetish shit….

I am sure horse love has existed forever, and that pony play fetish has even inspired a line horse tail butt plugs, hoof hand and feet covers, and even leather horse masks…I don’t know who sexualized the horse first, I am sure a a lot of people over the history of man have inserted their majestic genitals inside random girls willing to get fucked by a horse…I’ve seen the videos…and I guess this is the

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Sara Sampaio in a Bikini for Some Immigrant Bootleg GQ of the Day

Sara Sampaio is some skinny Portuguese fisherman’s daughter….who somehow got sold off to the fashion industry as the bootleg Adriana Lima, you know the replacement because Adriana Lima is old as fuck…

She’s done Victoria’s Secret, so she’s major enough, but now she’s doing some immigrant bootleg GQ, that’s not the actual GQ, but a licensed version of GQ, based in Mexico…unlike the Mexican Coca Cola, and the Mexican Taco, the Mexican GQ is not better than the regular GQ…

I’ve talked to Portuguese people who have never heard of her, so she’s not a big deal there, but from my experience, the Portuguese are pretty basic sardine eating, soccer watching, simpletons who probably thing it’s still 1954.

In conclusion, being a bikini model, even for a bootleg magaizne is more interesting than being a fisherman.

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The Model Nudity in LUI Magazine’s Summer Issue of the Day

Tomorrow, Lui Magazine releases their summer issue…

For those of you who don’t know, Lui Magazine , is one of those fashion magazines that is pretty much what Playboy used to be, it presents nude models in a “classy” and artistic way, makes ad money, and in turn releases models who would otherwise not show their vaginas, because they work for Victoria’s Secret, showing their vagina…so clearly, they are doing something right…and any excuse to get a girl naked that works is an excuse I like..

Plus, the photographer MARK SEGAL is pretty fucking awesome

This issue features:

Magdalena Frackowiak

Emily Didonato

Sara Sampaio

Lais Riberio

Isabeli Fontana

Karmen Peradu

AND it is amazing – Check Out Lui Magazine

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Sara Sampaio for Revolve clothing of the Day

I guess this is some BTS Sara Sampaio for Revolve clothing shit that involves her making stupid faces…grabbing tits…having other people on set grab her tits..and the whole thing is pretty erotic…it makes me want to buy a motherfucking Revolve clothing tits…

She’s portuguese, but unlike all Portuguese people, she’s not a fisherman, she’s been in a bunch of magazines and has been put in line as the Adriana Lima replacement for Victoria’s Secret, when her contract dies off like her sex appeal already has…

I’m into this campaign..but maybe I am bias, since I snuck into a party at the Revolve Clothing Malibu beach house and they were all very nice to me as I drank their free liquor..

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