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Sara Sampaio in GQ Italia of the DAy

Sara Sampaio is in GQ Italia because she’s so fucking Euro…and they have her posing with what looks like a Ferrari or some shit because they are so fuckign Italian…and their pride, besides pizza and pasta and half of the cast of The Jersey Shore….is their goddamn cars…

Sampaio…is not Italian, but apparently portuguese and thus able to live and work in Italy due to her EURO passport….but she’s too busy taking her skinny body to America to steal all the local jobs from the locals…like all these immigrants do…

This shoot isn’t hot or interesting, but it’s a skinny model bitch who makes over a million a year posing with cars…and somewhere out there someone will be very into it…

The only thing I like about her, besides the tanned skin and the smell of fish lingering from her portuguese past / and / or / her putting things in her vagina that lead to infection…is that she’s skinny…because this getting comfortable fat thing is pretty vile for dudes who don’t like fat chicks…even though I’ve seen this acceptance of being fat happen everytime a woman has a kid…because if you can be a lazy fuck..be the lazy fuck…it’s better than pressuring yourself to be all hot…

Here she is in some “I am a Woman”….for Women’s Day…because W Magazine knows how to Pander….this needs to be Parodied it’s so bad…

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Sara Sampaio in Leggings of the Day

Sara Sampaio is the Portuguese wonder – who is not a Fisherman’s daughter, or who may be a fisherman’s daughter, but who is working as a tall skinny model in America…almost like her Portuguese story is just a fucking lie or angle to try to market herself better…

To me, she’s more than just a Victoria’s Secret model, she’s a fucking hero. She’s fought for the rights of really skinny girls with booty…something I love….and she’s told all the people hating on her for being skinny that she eats….sometimes…and that it’s ok to be healthy and skinny…you fat fucks…what a fucking activist who needs all the support she can get in this world of fat filled everything…

That said, she’s got a hole in her leggings, probably strategic…a little taste of slutty – or a pilot hole for later that night when her rich boyfriend rips it open to access her anus..but totally wonderful…and relatable…a triumph we’ve all seen on girls who are ambitious in their legging size, unaware that when stretched out enough – they become transparent..

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Sara Sampaio Shaving Her Hairy Portuguese Face of the Day

Sara Sampaio is shaving her face for some photoshoot because you know that Portuguese girls are hairy little trolls and need maintenance….otherwise they look like fishermen…that have been lost at sea…but she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, very important and can’t let the world know that she’s got a fucking beard…

Sara Sampaio is better known for being the skinny model, blamed for being too skinny, targeted as being skinny, and defends being skinny, in a world that needs a lot more of that….because everything’s got so damn fat…


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Sara Sampaio Ass Shot for Victoria’s Secret of the Day


Sara Sampaio is the skinny Victoria’s Secret model…and here are some uneventful pictures of her showing off her ass…while not wearing a top…because Victoria’s Secret, the mall brand, made in China despite American Pride, crap that probably gives girl’s yeast infections, thanks to being such overpriced, low concept garbage….is picking up their classic Christina friendly lingerie catalog pics…with some implied nudity…like it was instagram…

Sara Sampaio is good because she’s a skinny model protesting people who hate skinny models and I am a fighter for skinny model rights as skinny models are what models are supposed to be – plus she gets half naked in shoots for lots of money…which is pretty good too….even when the shoots aren’t that good…

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Toni Garrn and Sara Sampaio Caribbean Vacation of the Day


Toni Garrn and Sara Sampaio are either best fucking friends ever and they vacation together – or they are on a shoot – but whatever it is they get topless together and put their asses in the air with a little duck dive…cuz it’s cute to show off your PUSSY PRINT….

It makes sense that they are together because they have so much in common as both have been exploited but well paid by the underwear empire that turns models into promo models….but pays them huge money so it’s OK, not to mention it gives them the work visa, it gets them in the right circles and Leonardo DiCaprio will fake fuck them since he’s more of a GRINDER kind of guy than a model fucker he’s marketed as…at least that’s the RUMOR….

So Toni Garrn is the German Leo Ex, Sara Sampaio the Portuguese skinny as fuck, who I’m sure has fucked her fair share of rich and famous people, but I don’t feel like googling it because who cares – all these basic bitches are the same….

Here’s the video –

Here’s the videos:

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Stella Maxwell and Sara Sampaio Naked for Victoria’s Secret Porn of the Day


Stella Maxwell and Sara Sampaio are some trash from Victoria’s Secret did this nude shoot either for Victoria’s Secret, or on a Victoria’s Secret shoot, and everyone was so happy…so excited….because it was all censored nipple to nipple like a gang of lesbians…but Stella Maxwell is only a lesbian for opportunity, when the fake lesbian relationship is with Miley Cyrus…securing her place in the evil empire’s roster of promo models who get paid way too much…and who the world loves…and worships…

Here is Sara Sampaio….doing fitness…

A video posted by Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio) on

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A better Look at Sara Sampaio’s Victoria’s Secret Pussy Not Wearing Victoria’s Secret of the Day


I posted Sara Sampaio’s possible pussy flash but the pics were too small for me to see actual labia….but today…I saw labia…and figured it was a good time to try to figure out what is going on here, other than that it’s a pussy flash, a bald pussy flash in an era of BUSH…which as a bush lover and connoisseur… I hate…

But the real issue about the pussy flash is that I THOUGHT SHE WAS SPONSORED BY VICTORIA SECRET….Victoria’s Secret is the only reason I know her…Isn’t this is a bad look for the brand. Their girl they pay tons of money to – doesn’t wear panties…because the panties cause yeast infections, or get in the way, or a low quality dog shit panties from China and she’s not legally allowed to wear other panties…so she wears no panties as a contract loophole….hilarious..

The only reason we know this girl, and now her pussy is because of the money and co-sign from Victoria’s Secret. If what they shove down our throats are lies…what in the world is real. Even underwear models don’t wear their underwear…they can’t be bribed into wearing their underwear…and everything we know about their marketing is all lies…this is promo model mall brand shit that these girls are better than…

TO me, her pussy is saying “There’s no point to underwear….not this shitty underwear that pays me…that stuff is bad”…or maybe she will spin it by saying “Look what happens when you don’t wear underwear”…her pussy…a martyr for or the brand…because she’s already put everything about her out there….this isn’t a big deal and it’s good press…

Either way….pussy…..or maybe this isn’t pussy – but is instead just nude panties that are from her owners Victoria’s Secret…and just look like a pussy slip…because that’s a new trend they are on…who knows…

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