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Alex Morgan As Katy Perry of the Day

I don’t know what is more ridiculous….Alex Morgan….US Olympic Soccer Gold medalist doing a shoot for ESPN magazine dressed like she is Katy Perry…in what I guess is their Halloween in March issue….or that they did a behind the scenes interviewing her about the process…like anyone who reads ESPN magazine gives a fuck about how hard it was for her to pose like that….or how much she loves Katy Perry…cuz I can only assume that anyone reading ESPN magazine hates Katy Perry as much as I do….cuz we’re men god dammit…not fucking 13 year old girls….

So this video makes no sense….and that’s why I am posting it….

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  • Travis

    So it’s come to this…
    A decorated athlete paying tribute to some no-talent garbage who shouldn’t even have been a 1 hit wonder.
    I’m gonna go kill myself now…