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Michelle Rodriguez Promo Still for Fast and the Furious 6 of the Day

The Fast and the Furious 6 exists….and these are the promo pics…as far as I’m concerned that’s a joke in and of itself…..

I don’t know what is more alarming…the fact that the producers are putting millions of dollars into such shit movies…or the fact that people are watching these movies making it worth their while to bother with the shit…

Maybe I just don’t get the subculture of modifying cars and watching 50 year old bald dudes drive them….while lesbians change their oil….

Either way, it’s funny.

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  • leo

    How can u say they’re shit movies? these are fucking classics, all previous F&F have been worth MY whileand millions around the world, with every movie it just keeps getting interesting and more interesting. Have u Seen the previews? GeeZuss!!

  • Rosarch

    They are shit movies, but I love them all and I will be one of the first ones at the theater for this one too.

  • Travis

    Haha! Thanks leo for being part of the problem…