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Kate Bosworth Seduces in Vs. Magazine of the Day

I like Kate Bosworth….she’s skinny and I never really understood why her career never really took off…unless you consider that movie Blue Crush…which was pretty much her peak…taking off….but I guess at 30 she hasn’t given up yet…and she’s jumped back into the model world…despite being old….becaus she’s tall, skinny and has a great face…that she’s using in this magazine spread…all elegant and romantic…making me fall in love with her all over again…but maybe that’s just gas.

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  • J.

    Kate is 5′ 3″. That’s not tall. And 30 is definitely not old. *shakes head*

  • paladi

    Her career never really took off because instead of focusing on things like getting legitimate offers and improving her acting chops, she instead decided to try and screw her way into a career. But since neither Orlando Bloom or Alexander Skarsgard’s respective penises managed to open any real doors for her…now I guess it’s back to “modeling”. Also, agree with J. 5’3″ is not tall and 30 is not old. And because it needs to be said, the writing on this piece is awful. Though I’m sure the majority of your audience isn’t exactly the literate type anyway.

  • ay

    There has never been a bigger douche in all of internetland. I imagine you are dumpy and smell like cheese.