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Demi Lovato’s Interesting Cosmo on Campus Shoot of the Day

These Demi Lovato pics were shot in July 2012….and are being reused in the March issue of Cosmo on Campus….which I guess is cosmo for dumb college coeds that answer questions like how to fuck in the library, how to manage the football team at the same time in a shower gangbang, how to apply foundation to your herpes scabs so no one knows when you’re on stage at a kegger funneling beer in the handstand position….and more importantly…keeping you up to speed on Demi Lovato…every College Kids favorite X-Factor judge..because she had a breakdown….and breakdowns are so in right now….while I am just into it cuz she’s not lookin fat….but she is lookin half naked…and I’m down….because crazy girls speak to me…

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