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Kate Upton is the SI 2013 Cover of the Day

I was lied to….just the other day I was told that Nina Agdal was the new Kate Upton, and despite looking handicap, I thought thank god a girl with a good body is finally getting back into the bikini model leading role….but I shoulda known better…Kate Upton’s tits get hits and the past year has been a series of her getting job after job…becoming more and more famous…proving that dudes don’t care about hot fit bodies…they just care about sloppy fucking tits…she’s not hot, not deserving, there’s no real reason for her to be at this level, she must be related to someone important, somewhere, cuz seriously, she’s a total pig..but a pig people love staring at and a pig they throw on the cover cuz maybe, just maybe, it will see some copies, despite no one doing that whole magazine thing anymore….

This is a disappointment…but at least they took my advice and said “if we’re gonna put her on the cover, let’s get her in a snow suit, cuz a snow suit is the best bikini for her shitty body type….

I blame all you tit obsessed kids who weren’t breast fed…

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