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Taylor Swift and her Bear Trap Vagina in Elle US of the Day

Taylor Swift and her bear trap vagina….are in some fashion shoot for Elle, because people think she’s fabulous and a big deal….the CEO of her own company…writing love songs for tweens about the countless sex partners she’s had and pretended were boyfriends cuz it feels less slutty that way….and I don’t hate her for it…I don’t listen to the radio so it’s like she doesn’t exist to me…I just wish she was a little less successful, had a few more daddy issues and craved male attention outside of the comfort of her own home, but instead in the public, like a party slut poptart of yesteryear…cuz those girls had breast implants and flashed vagina…I’m talking to you Lohan and Britney…..

Either way, here’s her boring, because boring is what she does, fashion shoot….

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