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Some Kate Upton for SI Swimsuit of the Day

I just don’t understand Kate Upton’s body. She looks like a sausage….but why not beat a dead horse….or pig in this case…with my dick….and post all her awkward bodied pics with her big fucking sagger tits that are full and lovely despite being shaped like a 45 year old obese mom of 4….

That said, she’s a hero, a star, the top of her game, fat chick in training and looking like she’s so good at it, she may go fat chick pro…you know Olympic level….the next Anna Nicole Smith…in her time to shine…for the second time…

Here are some videos of the glorious experience she’ll look back on when in her wheel chair at 60 thanks to diabetes related amputation

To See All the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Content – And THere is Lots of It

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