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Top 7 or 8 Bikini Harlem Shake Videos of the Day

The Harlem Shake videos are taking over the internet…and since I am on the internet all day…I figured I’d compile the top 7 or 8 Harlem Shake videos featuring bikinis….that I like to also call the first 7 or 8 Harlem Shake videos with bikinis I could find….

7 – The Girls Gone Wild Hotel Party

GirlsGoneWild is still here….and they are doing hotel parties a little different than their infomercial past….they are doing it with the harlem shake….

6 – The Czech Fitness Girl….

I mean this stripper who gives fitness tips with her stripper body that is no longer stripping because it found youtube…can Harlem Shake too….

5- The College Coeds-

This reminds me of a group of party girl college kids…and I like it…because I never leave the house or go to college parties…but should…it’s all about Yellow bikini in the back.

4- The Sweatshop

This reminds me of some asian factory or sweatshop where people are exploited for 2 dollars an hour or less to make you your designer clothes version…..you know the factory foreman gets all the blowjobs

3- The Photoshoot

Here’s a bunch of Playboy girls on set doing the harlem shake….you know when not exploiting their bodies for money and low level fame….

2- The hipster Apartment

I don’t know if this is really a hipster apartment, but it is a shitty fucking apartment….making me wonder why girls would even be hanging with these dudes..but then I am reminded…it’s cool to be poor.

1- The Boat Crash

I am just a sick fuck and this boat accident footage always makes me laugh…and always wins in top 10 video lists…cuz it is so ridiculous….I like the mask / helmet the edited on her…amazing

Ultimate Numnber 1 – Girl Who Thinks She’s a Cat of the DAy

Here’s a girl in her bikini screaming “Drew” on repeat….and I think this video is the best thing to happen…..especially when she stops screaming her friends name…and starts singing about being tall and skinny and her waist and titties…..all out of breath before doing the Harlem Shake.

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