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Some of the Irina Shayk SI Swimsuit Pics of the Day

Irina Shayk is pretty amazing as far as half naked, Russian gold diggers, who have made their way into the mainstream modeling world go….I mean she’s built like a mail order bride you’d pay a premium for….a stripper you’d have to wait in line to get a lap dance from….as close to perfection as they get…and now she’s making millions, with fans….thanks to the penis she allegedly puts inside her….that opened so many doors for her…so girls, when they say don’t fuck your boss, they are lying, you should fuck anything that helps you get ahead….that’s your competitive advantage in being a girl…

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  • Tamara Welty Bothell, WA

    at least she not a ugly black bitccc

  • Kandy

    @Tamara: Racist much? You’re clearly not flawless so why look down your nose at people? You’re not superior to anyone in any way.